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Alborz Pooya Billboards has an extensive inventory of billboards all over the world, from Georgia, through Russia and Ukraine. By having this broad coverage of both regional and metro billboards ensures that there is a perfect spot for your company to reach their desired target audience.


Advertising in airports allows clients to reach their target audience in a large capacity. Advertising in airports catches the attention of FIFO workers, city commuters, national and international tourists, and farmers.


Advertising on buses is also very effective. Bus back advertising is a useful medium for reaching all demographics. Moving through regional areas these bus backs will be seen by many road users and pedestrians. These ‘moving billboards’ are typically displayed on the exterior of the bus and come in a variety of different styles and formats.


With the development of technology Alborz Pooya Billboards are moving digital. By moving digital it will increase the number of clients that can be displayed on a site at the time and will also cause a point of interest.